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47. Transforming Agriculture: One Deal At A Time with Garrott McClintock

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Did you know that In 1935, there were 7 million farms, and now there are only 2 million in operation?

What’s changed? Why is farming so hard? What is often hard for farmers to grow their operations? What’s the fulfillment a farmer feels by growing the crops that drive our world today?

I had a great time talking with my long-time friend Garrott McClintock. Garrott is a 5th generation farmer, and I wanted to have him on this show where you’ll hear the following:

  • What’s in the DNA of a Farmer? The fulfillment they feel with the work they do
  • The non-linear path his own career has taken
  • The barriers he and his team break down
  • The future of farming- growing demand, decrease acreage, and lower number of farmers
  • And More!

Please enjoy this week’s conversation with Garrott McClintock!