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90. “Politics, Investment Banking, Fiscal Responsibility, Childhood Pain” with Steve Laffey

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Hey everybody,

Here is my conversation is with Steve Laffey.

Steve is a politician and businessman who ran for Mayor of his hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island, and won. Steve is a former executive at Morgan Keegan and Company, author, and filmmaker. After serving as Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, Steve ran for the Republican primary for United States Senate and the Republican Primary for the House of Representatives, where he was not successful. 

In 2023, Steve announced he would run for the Republican nomination for the 2024 United States Presidential election and withdrew from the race in 2023.

Steve is the author of Primary Mistake Mistake: How the Washington Republican Establishment Lost Everything in 2006 (and Sabotaged My Senatorial Campaign).

In 2012, Steve released Fixing America, a documentary film.

Steve currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Please enjoy this conversation with Steve Laffey.