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89. “Know Us, Like Us, Trust Us” with Chris Mercer

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Hey everybody, my guest this week is Chris Mercer. Forty-two years ago, Chris Mercer left investment Bank Morgan Keegan and launched Mercer Capital. Mercer Capital provides Business Valuation and Financial Advisory Services to clients worldwide. To date, Chris says they have served over 15,000 companies. Today, Mercer Capital has 57 associates and four offices across the United States.

With the documentaries and interviews my team and I produce, I spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs and companies across the country. Businesses and entrepreneurs fascinate me—the risk, the hardship, the passion, the growth, perfecting one’s craft, and so much more.

What better person to have a conversation with than someone who has examined the inner workings of thousands of companies over the last four decades? Chris has done much more than just advising, someone who’s an entrepreneur in their own right and founded something that will pass on to the next generation.

Please enjoy this episode with Chris Mercer!