Private Families

Capture their story for generations to come – their stories, in their words, and in their voice, are preserved for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to treasure.

Capture and share the stories and life experiences of your loved ones

10 %

of Americans only know the name of only one or none of their great-grandparents

10 %

 of Americans don’t know what either of their grandfathers do or did for a living

10 %

of Americans don’t know where their family lived before they came to America.

Examples of Our Work

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Legacy Videos

Preserve your family’s heritage with professional legacy video and audio stories.

Video Biographies

Video biographies capture a parent or grandparent sharing their life story and family history.

Personal Documentaries

Capture the audio and video footage telling life story about yourself, family members, or close friends.

Video Memoirs

Recount stories of your life or the life of your loved ones captured and preserved on video.

Family History Videos

Capture the unique history of your family to by the ones who were there and created it.

Family Stories Videos

Tell stories about your family with video interviews that can be passed down for generations to come.

Life is short. family matters. don't lose their story.

What if you could . . .

watch your parents and grandparents tell their life’s story any time you want? And hear it in their own voice.

hear them share their most meaningful and hilarious stories in their own words for decades to come?

hear them tell their lessons and principles that have guided their life?

do more than just tell your children about their grandparents . . . what if you could show them?

Our Promise


Not everyone naturally loves to be on camera or sit in front of a microphone. We make it easy and fun.


You’ll be blown away by the research preparation and meaningful questions that uncover their true personality.


Don’t even think about trying to do something like this with a smartphone.


You’ll receive high-quality, digital files you can replay and share forever.

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