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86. “So You Want To Rethink High School?” With Ryan Pryor Crosstown High School

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My guest this week is Ryan Pryor. Ryan is an educator with Crosstown High School based out of Memphis, Tennessee. 

The Public School system in the United States is broken. To better understand this, I did a podcast with an educator who’s not scared to do something different.

Crosstown High School was started out of the XQ Institute, which works directly with the Emerson Collective, which was established by Laurene Powell Jobs. 

Our education problems are not local; they are national. They affect all of us. 

This episode covers:

  • The history of education in the U.S.A. and why the model is outdated and broken
  • The heart of an educator and how it’s in your blood
  • All the barriers and special interests that block change and what has to happen to do it a better way
  • Plus, much more!

Please enjoy this episode with Ryan Pryor!