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79. “In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data” with Doug McGowen

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My guest this week is the CEO of the nation’s largest three-service municipal utility service Doug McGowen.

Doug’s background includes Former Top Gun Pilot, Navy Captain, the City of Memphis COO (plus more stops along the way), and now CEO of MLGW.

I’ve heard many times that Doug simply knows how to get stuff done, so it was a privilege to record this with him. His reputation did not disappoint.

This is a great episode that covers the following:

  • What’s your plan for bringing urgency, transparency, and accountability to transform performance under a government-owned system
  • The mindset of an engineer and first principles thinking
  • The threat and consequences of an insufficient workforce and what to do about it
  • Why Memphis is one of the greatest cities in America

Plus, a whole lot more.

Please enjoy this week’s episode with current MLGW CEO Doug McGowen!

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