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80. “The Opportunity Of A Lifetime” with Oscar Subirats

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Hey Everybody, I hope you’re having a great start to the summer.

My guest today is Oscar Subirats; a previous guest suggested Oscar, and the more I looked into him, the more I was interested.

Oscar is the President of College Prospects of America, a company that has helped over 35,000 students get an education and play college sports in the United States. Many of these students are international students, and as you’ll hear, Oscar grew this company into Mexico and Latin America. According to NCAA, over 20,000 international student-athletes are competing at NCAA schools.

Oscar has lived the same experience and opportunity he speaks about in this conversation. He’s also an author and recently released a new book called Closing Intelligence.

This is a great episode that covers the following:

  • The biggest mistake that American parents/ kids can make when they don’t think they need to promote themselves to play college sports
  • Why international students succeed and how their mindset can be more resilient since they have no plan b
  • The power of getting an education in the United States and why this changes the trajectory for future generations

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Oscar Subirats!

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