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84. “Small Town Values And Big Time Success” with Andy Heck

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My guest this week is Andy Heck. Andy is the Co-owner and President of Alpin Haus, an outdoor recreation powerhouse out of Amsterdam, New York. 

Alpin Haus has 300 employees and does 100 Million in revenue. It is a third-generation private family business that started like many other great American companies with entrepreneurs and a dream.

The outdoor recreation space has exploded, and this family business has endured many ups and downs over the last 59 years.

This is a great episode that covers:

  • How Generation 2 took things to a whole new level after building off the foundation their Dad started
  • Why 2008 was a bloodbath and the hard lessons they learned that put them in a strong position when the Covid pandemic first started
  • When the rest of the country is struggling with recruiting, why are they thriving, and how do their small-town values drive connection and engagement
  • The deeper meaning behind what they do- why their RV’s, boats, snowmobiles, ski equipment, and more drive experiences and meaning to the families they serve 
  • Plus much more

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Alpin Haus, President Andy Heck!