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76. “We’re Standing In The Gap” with Memphis Fire Chief Gina Sweat

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My guest this week is Memphis Fire, Chief Gina Sweat. Chief Sweat was selected to be the first female director of fire services in Memphis, TN, and there were only a handful of female fire chiefs nationally when she was selected. 

The world of fire departments is changing. Chief Sweat says in this episode 80% of their calls are medical, so gone are the days when you are only going to fight fires.

This is a great episode that covers the following:

  • What it’s like living with the responsibility of 1600+ firefighters that put themselves in harm’s way every day
  • Getting scrappy and looking for new ways to tackle old problems and getting creative with funding and grants to get your people what they need
  • Remembering the tragedies and those that gave their lives just doing their job
  • What the future of fire departments look like and why they must innovate to add value to the communities they are apart of
  • Plus a lot more

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Memphis Fire Chief Gina Sweat!