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75. “I’m Not Here To Live In A Utopia” with John Carroll

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My guest this week is John Carroll. Lately, I’ve wondered how do you confidently promote a city that has significant issues? John is behind the highly successful grassroots nonprofit Choose901 and City Leadership out of Memphis, TN. What started as a bootstrapped nonprofit over a decade ago has now evolved into one of the top promotional brands in Memphis, TN. 

National Center on Charitable Statistics, 30% of nonprofits fail to exist after ten years. Given that this nonprofit was bootstrapped and now operates at a 2 million dollar annual budget, I thought this would be an interesting conversation.

This is a great episode that covers the following:

  • The power of social media and attracting talent to a city you love where jobs need to be filled
  • Redefining progress- do we understand the problems clearly, and are we making progress on those problems?
  • Building a grassroots organization and becoming an expert to others around the United States
  • The fragility of a first-generation college student
  • Plus a lot more

Please enjoy this week’s episode with John Carroll!