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60. The Ultimate Entrepreneur’s Game with Mason George

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I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2022 than with an interview like this!

My guest today is Mason George. Mason is an entrepreneur and business executive with IMC Companies. IMC Companies was started by his Father, Mark George, 40 years ago with just one driver. Today, it is one of the top Intermodal Carriers in the United States. At close to a billion dollars in revenue, it’s quite the story to take a company from one driver to where it is today.

Our supply chain is more critical today than ever before. The United States is the largest importer globally, and it’s no secret that there have been many challenges with how goods come to the USA and how they move throughout the rest of our country. This interview is much more than just about this company and what success looks like.

I had a great time with Mason, and this is a great interview where you will hear:

  • The skillsets it takes to take a company from one driver to over a billion in revenue.
  • Being all in with your capital and time while inspiring people to build something they are proud of
  • Hard lessons learned and how these painful experiences teach you how to operate better
  • The future in trucking. Are autonomous trucks worth it? How their techniques are being used to accelerate the movement of drayage across the USA
  • Building technology from the bottom up versus others doing it from top-down and why they have an advantage
  • And much more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Mason George!