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61. Crowdfunding Done Right with Adam Kaufman

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Who says crowdfunding has to be sketchy? There’s a new way to access investment opportunities since the jobs act of 2012, and this real estate family is bringing direct access to the marketplace.

My guest today is Adam Kaufman. Adam is the co-founder of ArborCrowd. Based out of New York City, ArborCrowd is the only commercial real estate crowdfunding platform backed by a publicly-traded mortgage REIT. Arbor Realty Trust.

This is a great conversation with Adam where you will hear:

  • What’s the history of crowdfunding? Did you know that the Statue Of Liberty was the first crowdfunding project on record?
  • Why things have changed and where it is headed, how they are giving people a chance to have equity where previously only institutional capital could access
  • The lessons learned in the 2008 financial crisis and why their experience and hard lessons learned set them apart
  • Building a platform from scratch
  • And more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Adam Kaufman!