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52. Why Stop When You’re Having Fun? with Hilliard Crews

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Hilliard left his family’s business and started MCR safety in 1974. As of 2019, MCR had sales of 255 Million dollars worth of Personal Protective Equipment. You may not know that Hilliard’s first year in business, he made just $3,000 and got a job working at night at a truck line to supplement his families income. Hilliard and MCR Safety averaged more 80% growth compounded annually for his first ten years in business.

In addition to founding and selling MCR Safety to Bunzl Corporation, Hilliard also is the largest shareholder of Triumph Bank, a real-estate developer, venture capital investor, and philanthropist.

I had a great time interviewing Hilliard, where we discuss:

  • The fun you have when you find what you’re good at and the market rewards you
  • Why leaving a family business can be a good thing and what it took to get MCR off the ground
  • How he won with service and why he’s adamant about continuous improvement
  • The impact of selling through distributors and why he couldn’t have grown this quickly any other way
  • How he is using his family office to accelerate the pace of change for causes he cares the most about
  • And more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Hilliard Crews!