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49. The Ultimate Partnership – The Pet Lover and The Retail Specialist with Jean McGhee [RE AIR]

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My Guest today is Jean McGhee. Jean and her Husband Shawn acquired Hollywood Feed in 2005, and it is the fastest-growing pet retail store in the Country with 106 stores. As you know, the Covid pandemic caused many changes, but one of those is a significant increase in the amount of Pet Owners around the USA. Currently, 67% of households have a pet in the USA, and that number is only expected to increase.

This is a great episode where we cover:

  • Who says you can’t go from a stay at home to a fast-growing start-up
  • Why the pet industry follows the human heart
  • Building a company of talent and helping people find their role to succeed
  • Why pet adoption matters
  • And more!

Please enjoy this week’s conversation with Jean McGhee!