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50. Stubbornness, Persistence, and The Dignity Of All Mankind with Steve Nash

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There was no elaborate plan, and Steve’s work started when he left his job and drove his grandmother’s Toyota Camry picking up people and driving them around the City of Memphis to find work. Currently, 34 Million people are living beneath the USA poverty line.

I am blown away by Steve’s persistence, honesty, hope, how he talks about his neighbors, and more.

This episode was a one of a kind where we cover:

  • What dyslexia has taught him about having perseverance and resiliency
  • Since bootstrapping Advance in 1999, what are the deeper needs someone must have to get and keep a permanent job
  • What He has learned from Youth Villages and their $3 Million dollar effort to reduce crime in a large urban area
  • Why hard questions must be asked
  • And more!

Over the last year, I’ve admired the uniqueness human beings have, and the different causes people dedicate their lives to. This episode won’t disappoint. To help you understand some things referenced in this interview, my guest today is out of Memphis, TN. The zip code discussed is 38126, and it is the poorest financial zip code in the State of Tennessee; in 1999, it was the 3rd poorest Urban zip code in the nation. I hope this helps as we move through this conversation.

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Steve Nash!