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What Does it Take to Bridge the Gap in Educational Inequality?

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Educational inequality is a significant problem today. Last week’s episode covered what it takes to make a positive impact on this problem. When you think about childhood education, you also understand the importance of the child’s development as a person. Teachers are crucial in how this happens, and this work is more than just teaching curriculum. This week I am releasing the 2nd part to the series with Larissa Gregory. Larissa is over social-emotional learning for Memphis Teacher Residency and is trained in Educational Psychology and much more. I enjoyed this conversation learning more about educational inequality, getting to the root of what a child needs to grow, why teacher burnout is so high, addressing this to create better long-term engagement and more. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode also consider how things we discuss here affect our society today.


8:41 The quality of education you receive can depend on the zip code you’re in

9:31 How tax dollars affect education

10:05 The effect of Covid and how this plays out in poorer zip codes

16:56 You have to challenge the way things have always been done

21:48 How to create a safe space for someone to learn

23:30 How this works in your brain

27:16 Challenge your frameworks

28:17 The less stable the environment the harder it is

29:15 Why you need to get to the root cause

30:41 Why we need to invest in educators