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Ken Utech | You Never Arrive. You’re a Constant Work in Progress.

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My guest this week is Ken Utech. What happens when you spend close to 40 years traveling the country and working with close to 1,000 businesses, organizations, individuals, non-profits, and more. You learn about how we as people operate and how to address things as they are, get to the root cause, and work through them. I have yet to hear where a conversation like this will not apply to any person’s situation or life. Ken and the Utech Group have served and impacted organizations as large as the United States Army and other Billion-Dollar Organizations to large private companies, family businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, and much more. I am glad to release this week’s episode with Ken Utech.

Episode Recap:

05:46 When you think back on your career and you look at what you’re doing today and what you’re focused on for the future, what are the top three or four things that hold either a leader back, an employee back, or someone back within their family? What are those things that you see most frequently?  

08:27  Can you give some real practical examples of what it looks like within an organization or within an individual where there’s tension, where change is not happening, and then what the process looks like to come in and to actually unlock that and to create improvement and to address those fears and those control issues? 

6:03 What kind of work do you start doing to create change with the decision maker, and how do you get them to see what would be a better way of doing it? 

14:04  So it seems like it’s pretty messy to go through this process. Is that right? 

21:02  What would you say to someone that’s wrestling with how they’re trying to understand their emotions? 

27:31  So from an individual perspective, you’ve talked about fear, you’ve talked about control, you’ve talked about scarcity, when it comes to limited beliefs, how do those affect a leader or an individual or anybody listening to this, regardless of what they do professionally? 

30:17  You said, it almost cost you your marriage. What did that look like for you when you were working those hours? And then you also knew things were not the way they should be with your marriage, but you know, I would just guess that you suppressed that realization. How did that play out in your life?  

37:24  I’ve heard this mentioned a lot, and I’m curious to know your take on it. But, in the Bible with Luke 4:24, I’ve heard this from people that would claimChristianity, and I hear this from people that claim not to be Christians, but they say that no prophet is accepted in his home town.