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72. We Were Built For This with Pat Lawler

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When someone has led an organization from less than 100 kids a year, a handful of staff, and evolved into an impact of more than 32,000 kids a year and over 3,600 staff and counting, they are going to have something to say that’s important to listen and learn from.

It’s energizing how a dream can start small, with focus, resiliency, passion, and leadership, it can evolve to be a national thought leader decades later and just getting started.

Children’s behavioral health and crime are crucial to our communities and the cities we live.

It’s a privilege to release this interview on my podcast, where you will learn:

  • What it takes to make a culture permeate all the way down to the front line
  • Why being a front-line leader matters and the value it gives you to your organization
  • How their recent national intercept recognition opens up even more tremendous opportunities across the United States
  • Plus, much more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Pat Lawler!

This podcast was recorded for my work for Youth Villages on their own podcast Stronger Than You Think. So please check that out if you like this interview. This episode was such a great interview. I wanted to release it here on my podcast.