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65. “The Country That Raised Me” with Sandra Xing

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My guest this week has a story that’s nuts!

So far in my life, I have yet to meet someone who has overcome more obstacles in their life to become an entrepreneur in the United States and benefit from capitalism.

My guest this week is Sandra Xing. Sandra’s parents were taken away by Mao Zedong’s red party when she was 8. She raised her brother and herself. She witnessed her Mother be shamed and punished because her family came from the Black party. Eventually came to the United States when her sister declined the opportunity.

Sandra came to Atlanta and worked every job you could imagine from babysitting, to cleaning dishes, to working in a warehouse; she eventually founded her first company and now she owns three companies.

This is a tell all episode where you will hear:

  • What Mao Zedong’s leadership was like in the People’s Republic of China in the 1960’s
  • How she went from making 1 dollar a month in China to working in the United States
  • How she started her first business with no credit and only $4,000.00. The difficulty of starting your own and how she got through it
  • Why she’s using the money she’s earned to give back
  • Plus much more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Sandra Xing!