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57. Building What I Wish I Had with Sam Sawyer

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After leaving Dallas, Texas, and working for Silicon Valley Based ZeroDown Sam launched Archetape, where he is Founder and CEO. After an early-stage investment round by Mucker Capital, Sam is building out Archetape and growing it throughout the Southeast U.S.A. Sam believes the future of residential real estate will continue to change dramatically and disrupt the old way agencies do business.

I had a great time with Sam where you’ll learn:

  • Contrary to standard behavior- why you’re better positioned to take risks and build companies in your 30’s and 40’s versus playing it safe
  • What makes a great early-stage investment relationship. Why Mucker Capital is a great partner and what they do to invest in and deliver value to their founders
  • Why raising too much funding can crush you.
  • The impact of Zillow and how this transformed the industry
  • First Principles thinking and why this drives how they build this company
  • And much more!

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Sam Sawyer!