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44. “When It’s Worthwhile, What’s There To Lose?” with Ken Masterson

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Ken tells a one-of-a-kind story when Fred Smith wanted him to build a value-added legal department. But Ken didn’t stop there; when Ken retired in 2005, he founded Masterson Farms, where he and his team are dedicated to breeding, raising, and developing the finest western show horses available where he is working today with his wife, Marilyn.

This episode is a great conversation where we cover:

  • Why his parent’s work for civil rights In Missouri taught him to take risks for causes, he believes in
  • Why the thought of failure doesn’t bother him when the cause is worthwhile
  • How his work today still operates off of the principles he learned at FedEx
  • How Covid taught him to slow down and enjoy the farm and cut down the excess busyness of life
  • And more!
  • Last but not least, you can find Ken at

So please enjoy this week’s conversation with Ken Masterson!