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40. “Let It Be Known and Go All In” with Ryan Silverfield

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My guest this week is University of Memphis Head Football Coach Ryan Silverfield.

For those who live in Memphis or follow U of M Football, do you remember when Ryan was named interim head coach and how he made it known he wanted the job? He didn’t hold back. He went all-in, letting everyone know. I have been looking forward to this conversation, and I am glad to release it to you this week.

During this conversation, we cover:

  • From sleeping on cots at Hampden-Sydney to being the head coach at Memphis. It hasn’t been easy
  • How to have confidence in communicating what can be when you can’t guarantee the outcomes
  • How to frame setbacks
  • Why character matters
  • And more!

Ryan began his coaching career at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Fla, after an injury. He then coached at his alma mater Hampden-Sydney, then was the Head Coach of one High School, followed by 4 Universities and two NFL teams, where he then landed at the University of Memphis before being named Head Coach in 2019.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ryan Silverfield.

Have a great week!


2:38 Unemployed is apart of the business

2:47 It is okay to admit this is what I want

2:51 Show your vision. How this can work and come together.

3:12 I was their 7th interview

3:26 You have to prove it every year

4:11 People see your genuine enthusiasm for what you want

4:40 why and how is this going to be successful

5:02 The tomorrow diet

5:34 How things work and how will we have success

7:07 The path has been difficult

7:41 It’s all about how I react

7:53 There are times I have thought about quitting

8:15 How can we continue to get better

8:30 Attach it with mindset

8:40 All in

9:19 Couldn’t get a job

10:30 What could make me different? I’ll die trying

11:12 I want them to have success for everything they say they want

14:44 Confidence for the plan in place. But I still fail

15:33 No one will compete higher for the standard than I am

16:00 Not everyday will be perfect

17:10 How to read people

17:30 High character

17:53 Best opportunity to have success, high character. Judge character listen a lot. What are they telling me?

19:35 What makes them tick?

20:00 Not everyone has a perfect background

20:30 Detailed, charismatic, caring, high energy, talk to others that worked with them.

22:13 How to process setbacks

23:25 How to handle the media

24:07 What can I do better?

24:22 How can I improve the culture/ not play calls

25:00 Tune out the outside noise

26:10 Are we making a difference in those guys lives?

26:50 We will be judged on wins, but swing the axe