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37. “Why Your Pain Can Be Used For Good” with David Jordan

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My guest this week is David Jordan. For close to 26 years, David has been leading Agape Child Services out of Memphis, TN. Agape serves approximately 3000 children and families each year by loving families and fighting poverty.

I wanted to have a conversation with David to understand the challenges of poverty and what it takes to succeed in getting out of poverty. Additionally, we discuss:

  • That point when you want to throw in the towel
  • The impact of Covid-19 and poverty
  • Pivoting the organization to be proactive versus reactive
  • The power of trust when building relationships
  • And more!

Please enjoy my conversation with David Jordan!


Show Notes:
1:29 Aggressive with the mission
1:41 Pivoting Covid with 130 staff
2:09 Being with each other and connecting
4:17 What it takes to keep the relationship
4:36 Where are our families at? What do they need?
4:36 What are your needs?
4:36 How have they changed?
4:36 How do we advocate on your behalf?
5:25 Two generations of fighting poverty
7:06 What is braided funding?
8:42 Relationships critical to any work
11:12 What’s working well and what’s not
13:13 Addressing barriers that prevent you from being successful
15:54 Am I good enough?
17:01 That’s where your jet fuel comes from
17:24 Your life experience is your greatest teacher
18:11 I would not have scripted this for my life
20:22 Seeing outside of yourself
23:33 Strongest sense of calling I have had
24:46 Being proactive versus reactive
28:01 Circumstances have their place
28:40 Circumstances to not need to define my future
30:13 Generational change requires a generational commitment
31:43 If you don’t know who you are you don’t know where you are going
32:25 Going deep in the communities you’re in
32:25 Keeping the voice of your people at the center
34:03 The Pandemic has backed up poverty
35:11 The significance of MLK
36:34 2.8% of people in poverty actually excape
36:34 Systemic poverty
39:49 How trauma happens
42:54 Judgement creates a divide
44:00 Why $15 an hour is important
53:17 People’s God Given desires
57:00 70% of people work here because of their own experience
1:04:50 Evidence of what you’re doing is working
1:12:22 My Job is to continue to change