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32. What Would It Be Like To Get A Do Over? With Kat Gordon

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My guest this week is Kat Gordon. In her mid 20’s Kat opened Muddy’s Bake Shop thinking it likely wouldn’t make it. Thirteen years later, Muddy’s is one of the top bakeries in the United States. This pandemic has been a massive issue for businesses across the country, and Muddy’s is no different. Muddy’s completely shut its doors for several weeks and has opened one of its locations back, but it is not as bad as it sounds for Kat. This episode may take a different turn than you expect. Download this episode if you want to learn more about:  

  • Taking advantage of a do-over
  • What’s something I care so much about that I’m willing to be bad to be good at it
  • Thinking about selling
  • What it’s like when you start to break down
  • How to make significant changes
  • Feeling alive again
  • How the pandemic can jumpstart change
  • Taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity
  • And more!

I had a great time recording this episode with Kat. Happy New Year to you and yours!


4:27 Making people feel special and loved

6:28 After the pandemic

6:57 What happens when water isn’t flowing in?

7:15 Starting to break down

10:28 Should I sell the bakery?

11:50 How to think about making major changes

13:00 How to do visioning

14:25 We all have great advice for ourselves that we don’t take

15:49 Low stakes way of me playing with the future

19:20 The fact that I didn’t want to pick up that vision again

24:13 How the pandemic can jumpstart change

24:00 What’s most important

25:00 When the world shifted I knew what we needed to do

27:00 I wanted people to feel that they were at my house

34:10 Game over if your burned out in first month

39:35 The difference between receiving a compliment and someone telling me how to live my life

41:00 Doing stuff for the sake of others

50:00 Creativity thrives with boundaries

56:45 Take this once in a lifetime opportunity