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23. Dead Or Alive, You’re Coming Home. Why We All Want Closure with Justin LeHew from History Flight

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Did you know that there are currently over 81,900 missing American Service Members around the world? Why does this matter? Why is this important? What does it take to identify and bring home Service Members? Why is closure essential, and how do these experiences affect us today? We cover all of this and much more. These service members served our country, sacrificed their lives, and they haven’t yet come home. Today’s episode is about a group of men and women from all over the world that dedicate their work to finding these service members and bringing them back home to their families and much more. My guest today is Justin LeHew, who is Chief Operations Officer of History Flight. If you missed last week’s episode, go back to last week’s episode, and hear my first conversation with Justin LeHew, Retired Sergeant Major with the United States Marine Corps. I hope this episode impacts you as much as it did to me. If you want to learn more about History Flight and to support them go to


00:05: You never leave a fallen comrade behind. I grew up with people in hometowns that were still missing

2:24 I went from a failing high school kid to reading everything I could get my hands on as it related to my profession

3:01 I know it succeeded so we can get past the personalities that are here

9:34 To be able to do this in the second version of my life

11:41 Do not question why they are asking me. Be grateful they are asking me. Because they are asking you for something that you may not see that they may need. And they may not know what they need until you get there.

12:10 I have to learn in a rapid manner

17:48 There are other countries that do not care like this. They do not care about bringing people home.

20:43 Do what you can do during your time for what you are responsible for. You may not be able to fix everything. But if you can walk away saying you left it better than when you found it.

24:50 We are not going to quit

29:00 The best way I can honor my buddy

32:34 My hardest days someone put their arm around me

34:42 How can I make the pages come alive?

37:59 The mission doesn’t stop because Covid is here

55:08 One of the most functioning clocks you have ever seen