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80. “The Opportunity Of A Lifetime” with Oscar Subirats

My guest today is Oscar Subirats. Oscar is the President of College Prospects of America, a company that has helped over 35,000 students get an education and play college sports in the United States. Many of these students are international students, and as you’ll hear, Oscar grew this company into Mexico and Latin America.

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78. “No One Else Is Doing Something Like This” with Shane Young

My guest today is Shane Young. Shane co-founded Memphis Inner City Rugby and is a former Teach for America Educator. After working in the inner city school system and knowing there had to be a better way, Shane and his co-founder launched Memphis Inner City Rugby from scratch. As you’ll hear in this interview, they’ve put everything they’ve had into this work.

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77. “They Didn’t Put Us In A Box” with Candace Steele Flippin, DM

My guest today is Candace Steele Flippin, DM. Candace is currently the chief communications officer for Acuity Brands- a 4 Billion dollar revenue organization, and previously served as Chief Communications Officer of First Horizon Bank, a 3.49 Billion dollar revenue bank. Acuity has 11,500 employees, and First Horizon has 7,000 plus employees. 

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75. “I’m Not Here To Live In A Utopia” with John Carroll

My guest this week is John Carroll. Lately, I’ve wondered how do you confidently promote a city that has significant issues. John is behind the highly successful grassroots nonprofit Choose901 and City Leadership out of Memphis, TN. What started as a bootstrapped nonprofit over a decade ago has now evolved into one of the top promotional brands in Memphis, TN. 

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