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28. Taking Action While Finding What Moves You with JP Dinnell

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My guest this week is JP Dinnell. JP is from Northern California, enlisted in the Navy out of High School, served as a U.S. Navy Seal for 10 Years, and is now with Echelon Front, teaching leadership development and organizational management worldwide. We talked life’s highs and lows, life transitions, and everything in between. This episode is a great perspective on making the most out of your current situation by taking it one day at a time, giving up good for something great, knowing what truly moves you, taking action, and fighting complacency. Additionally, we cover: Checking your ego in all of life What limits people and teams Putting back together a marriage Getting back on the path Faith And more!


8:12 The guys I trained him in MMA with, I was really close with them, they really helped me with my transition out of military, just having that friendship and that camaraderie and that brotherhood again, when you’re sweating and training hard with somebody and you’re fighting and believing, and you’re literally, you’re so exhausted, your bodies are picking you back up and getting back into that five to train and you’re doing the same for them

11:13 When you’re driving to do something and you’re pushing hard, you have to be comfortable doing that by yourself, because not everyone’s gonna see the same picture that you see, not everyone’s gonna believe in the level that you believe it

11:46 You also have to have the understanding that if other people don’t see what you see, that’s 100% your fault, because that means that you haven’t cast the vision of your belief on to them so that they understand what you’re fighting for

14:03 But I had a fire within me to provide for my family and to serve my clients unlike anything else, and so when you can find something that provides that to your stand-by, because it’s gonna be fun and it’s awesome

42:36 Well, there’s times that she would get us kids up at 3-34 in the morning, get us ready for the school day, we would go to the gym with her, we would go into the nursery that wasn’t open and we would sleep there while she would teach classes

46:55 A lot of individuals have a hard time checking their ego, they have a hard time showing humility, and we’ll have companies bring us in and they’re like, Hey, if my team would just take ownership

49:29 they don’t understand the priorities, they don’t understand the mission, people interpret your mission, your message the wrong way, and then when that happens, decentralized command never works

57:35 And so for me, building a team that can go out there and execute, it’s not about me, it’s about what they’re doing, but it’s all on me to get them to that level as a leader

1:03:25 I appreciate it, and that makes me feel good about sharing that story I’m always wary of doing a Podcast just because I’m kind of like why would anyone want to listen to me?