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26. How Your Past and Your Passion Can Build You a Valuable Business

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My guest this week is Clark Butcher. Clark is back on for a part two episode. Last week we left off at what happens when you go all-in on your business, and it burns down one month after starting. This week, we will dive into what it is like to build a high-touch retail store. This episode is an in-depth conversation on what it looks like to make a brand and build a successful small business that reaches far more than just a local market. Additionally, it is fascinating to hear how Covid 19 is affecting the cycling industry. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.


1:12:26 Yeah, there was nerves to it for sure, I didn’t have any overhead, I just sold my home and fancy car and all that stuff, I don’t need any of that furniture and stuff.

1:15:27 It was so intense to pull up and see that happen, and while, yes, that was only my business for 28 days operating for the last 60 days in my life, I had moved gravel, I had cleaned, I’d help life floors, I had painted, I had stressed on getting vendors like, dude, there were so many things.

1:23:15 Service… Man, I’m glad you asked that. That’s the one thing we did.

1:25:05 Like the store’s tiny. So we got to build a rapport with you and build a relationship with you, and you did not get that anywhere else.

1:27:35 But it’s one that I wake up fired up and I wake up typically most creative.

1:38:06 So one is obviously the only way a partnership or a team works is somebody else has a strength or your week, or somebody else has a strength that complements your strengths, that’s the only… It’s really the only way to look at it

2:00:00 Every single day, victory is open, 30 minutes before we open, we have a mandatory sit-down meeting that’s where everyone brings their note pads, that’s where we delegate tasks for the day, that’s where I cover who’s coming in and what’s going on.

2:01:32 I’ve never seen this many people on this bike lane out front, I believe we’re about to crush it.

2:19:33 And while yes, I was a 100% freaking out

2:40:16 I’m not gonna waste anyone’s time or energy, and by then it was a very seasonal thing at that price point

2:45:09 So it is hard to swallow. I gotta get that out. It was tough to spend that kind of money and that kind of energy, and all those articles came out on pedal town and the cool stuff we were doing, and to have to close it regardless of what is a success financially